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Iggy Azalea announces buzz single “Zillion”

Idolator: Iggy Azalea jumped on Twitter this morning (September 4) and spilled all the tea. For starters, she revealed that she’s going to drop a buzz track called “Zillion” in the not too distant future. “I have decided i will release a buzz track & video fairly soon so my fans can get an understanding of what this new album sounds/looks like,” the Aussie rapper tweeted. “Its not going to be my first single. it is intended only as an introduction.”

The 25-year-old has previously described her new music as “totally different,” so it will be interesting to hear what she comes up with. The timing, however, is curious. She’s been very vocal about not releasing new music until 2016. Does this mean her sophomore LP has been moved forward? In other news, Iggy clarified that she did, in fact, hear Demi Lovato’s “Kingdom Come” before recording her verse.

“I think someone that interviewed demi wrote an article that says i wrote kingdom come without ever hearing the music,” the “Fancy” hitmaker tweeted. “She meant i agreed to do the song without having heard it first, not that i recorded and wrote it sans song and music. thats impossible.” Well, there goes my theory about Iggy being a psychic! Check out the rap diva’s informative tweets below.

Sep 5, 2015