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Lil Debbie says Nicki Minaj perceived Iggy Azalea made her weak

California local rapper Lil Debbie was interviewed by Vlad TV where she shared her thoughts on Australian rapping star Iggy Azalea saying that no one takes her seriously and that she should release a single with no features, and furthermore, she said Iggy’s appearance made Nicki Minaj weak.

Lil Debbie believes that Nicki Minaj gets more attention than Azalea, but the success of the Aussie rapper might have made Nicki feel a bit threatened, as she was the solo successful female rapper in the biz: “I think Nicki Minaj gets more attention over Iggy Azalea any day of the week, I think Iggy gets a lot of attention because of what she looks like…I feel like Nicki did (Iggy Azalea’s diss at BET Awards) because she might have felt a little threatened. It made Nicki look a little weaker, I think. Taking a shot at Iggy. Do we even know if that was really for Iggy? Was it for Iggy? I don’t know.”

While accepting The Best Hip Hop Artist award at The BET Awards, Nicki said on stage: “What I want the world to know about Nicki Minaj is when you hear Nicki Minaj spit, Nicki Minaj wrote it,” while this isn’t necessarily Iggy shade, around the time, there were many rumors floating around that Iggy Azalea does not write her own lyrics, and not only Iggy but also T.I., rumored ghostwriter for her, had publicly addressed the rumors denying them.

Lil Debbie continued the interview by challenging Iggy saying that she should release a single featuring no pop girls or famous artists and get a hit all by herself stating that she won’t get the respect she deserves within the urban community until she does so.

Sep 2, 2014