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Iggy Azalea speaks to The TODAY Show Australia: Wedding, struggles, body image and more

To stream the interview, click here

Iggy Azalea opened up for The Today Show (Australia) on Tuesday (June 16th). The international rapping superstar talked about her life, her wedding as well as her struggles with her own body image, despite the world finding the lady super-attractive.

The nearly 7-minute interview centered around Nick Young’s proposal, how she faces the married life and what her wedding dress is going to look like: “I think when you are a celebrity, you get to fortunately go on red carpets so much and wear the sexy silhouette gown and I’ve worn my fair share of those,” Azalea said when asked about what type of gown she’ll wear. “But I never get to wear something big with a train, so I might do the whole thing.”

But when she was asked about her confidence, she said: “Some days I want to crawl into my cave and don’t feel confident at all, and other days I feel great. And I think it’s like that for all human beings, not just young women.”

We added some caps from the appearance to our gallery:

You can stream full interview at the Today Show’s website, just click here.

Jun 18, 2015