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Iggy Azalea quits Twitter, says “Internet is the ugliest reflection of mankind”

The Independent UK: Iggy Azalea has called quits on Twitter after dramatically describing the internet as “the ugliest reflection of mankind there is”.

The Australian rapper has been mercilessly trolled many times before and what with those Azealia Banks, Snoop Dogg and Eminem feuds too, she fears the online world is making her too “angry”.

Not one to leave quietly, however, Azalea launched into an epic tirade against the Twittersphere before handing the accounts over to her management.

This all began when the 24-year-old returned from a holiday with her boyfriend to find that paparazzi pictures had been taken of her in her bikini.

Azalea was threatened by hackers after entering into a Twitter battle with Banks last December, after the black rapper accused her of “making fun” of serious racial issues.

“You’re poisonous and I feel genuinely sorry for you,” Azalea wrote, leading to a social media storm of unprecedented strength.

Previously, she was angered when Snoop Dogg posted a degrading Instagram picture of a person with pale skin and cornrows and claimed it was “White Chicks 2 starring Iggy” in an obvious jibe about her race.

And then there was Eminem, who ordered her not to “blow that rape whistle” in his “song Vegas”, to which she replied that she was bored of “the old men threatening young women entertainment trend”.

Oh and the most reason Papa Johns feud at the Grammys. At least it looks like Azalea will still be on Instagram and Facebook…for now.

Feb 20, 2015