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Iggy Azalea confirms Britney Spears collaboration

Iggy Azalea Britney Spears song

TIME: While promoting her sleepwear line back in September, Britney Spears was asked who she’d most like to collaborate with. Her first answer: “Katy Perry.” And her second: “Iggy.” No word on whether Spears’ and Perry’s relationship will expand beyond trading compliments on one another’s full-body denim wear, but Iggy Azalea confirmed on Twitter yesterday that she and Spears have something cooking together.

A fan tweeted at the rapper, asking whether she would ever work with Spears. Azalea responded, short and sweet: “I did and it was amazing.”

Beyond “amazing,” Azalea declined to provide further details on the project. It’s not yet clear whether the collaboration will appear on Spears’ next album — which she says is coming along “very slowly” and will likely be “very artsy-fartsy” — or Azalea’s, which may also be a way off, considering that The New Classic just came out this past April (with a re-release due out next week).

Though Azalea’s earlier work has drawn comparisons to Spears — her song “Nothing Like Me” actually sounds a lot like “Womanizer” — she’s much more squarely in the field of rap these days. And a rap-pop duet sounds more interesting than a Britney versus Britney clone duet.

Nov 23, 2014